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Why Stromme?

Because we care about you, the sea-life and your cargo holds.

We are your preferred partner for an easy, flexible, efficient and green cleaning operation with a dedicated team of 16 employees operating 24/7 to serve you and your needs.

Efficient and ecological fair chemicals using renewable raw materials.

High quality products designed for a long life at sea, working for heavy duty operations over a long period with low spareparts consumption.

We are agile and fit to customers’ demands. We can even tailor the design to meet customers’ specific needs.


Ane Fosseng

General Manager
+47 99 59 59 11

Christer Storsveen

Finance Manager

Nina Anderdal

Customer Service Executive

Marlene Andersen

Customer Service Executive
+47 97 70 10 87

Nils Erik Brodin

Operations and Logistic Manager
+47 91 37 05 50

Yanghee Kim


Tay Xiu Qin

Operations Manager
+65 96 47 68 79

Amy Chua

Customer Service Executive

Cho Yew Thong

Customer Service Executive

Ken Lai

Logistics and warehouse

Steffen Krüss

Product Manager
+49 17 24 12 79 65

Iris Perschke

Product Management Executive

Volker Adam

Customer Service Executive

Timo Gahrmann

Customer Service Executive

Steven Franz

Logistics and warehoue