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Stromme Cement and Rust Remover

A safe, efficient and better alternative than Muriatic Acid

Stromme Cement and Rust Remover is a safer, more efficient and better alternative to ordinary muriatic acid.  It contains unique inhibitors to protect the steel. Specially developed with innovative raw materials to ensure perfect wetting with a good ecological profile.  It safe to use for the crew, the cargo holds and the sea life.
Stromme Cement and Rust Remover is recommended to use when removing cement, clinker, concrete, rust, residues of iron ore, lime scales , copper and zinc concentrates.

To save the environment for unnecessary waist of plastic and the cost transporting water, Stromme Cement and Rust Remover is supplied as a concentrated product in 25 l pails and should be mixed 1:1 – 1:3 with fresh water before use, 1.000 l Stromme Cement and Rust Remover will give 2.000 – 4.000 l ready for use chemical solution. The dilution ratios between water and Stromme Cement and Rust Remover depend on the type of cargo, the amount of residues to be removed, and the condition of the hold, read the User Guide carefully.

MSDS, Product Information and User Guide can be sent upon request.

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