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Stromme Holdcoat FC

A modern, ecological fair and FDA approved protection for cargo holds based on renewable raw materials, unique in the market with needed certificates available.

Stromme Holdcoat FC protects the paint against corrosion and stains from dirty and corrosive cargoes. It creates a thin film of wax preventing cross contamination between the cargo and the hold paint.  Using Stromme Holdcoat FC will make the cleaning afterwards a lot easier and requires less cleaning chemicals. It is FDA approved and can be used for food cargoes, too.

Specially developed to give a good protection of the cargo holds when loading coal, petcoke, sulphur, salt, clinker and cement.

Stromme Holdcoat FC can last for several cargoes or can easily be removed with Stromme Aquaclean HD or another alkaline cleaner.

To save the environment for unnecessary waist of plastic and the cost transporting water, Stromme Holdcoat FC is supplied as a concentrated product in 25 l pails and should be mixed with fresh water 1:2 – 1:3 before use, 500 l Stromme Holdcoat FC will give 1.500 to 2.000 l ready for use chemical solution. The dilution ratios between water and Stromme Holdcoat FC depend on the type of cargo and the  condition of the hold, read the User Guide carefully.

Certificates, MSDS, Product Information and User Guide can be sent upon request.

    Please, send us an email and we will contact you as soon as possible.