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Stromme Midi Spray System

The Stromme Midi Spray System is an effective and easy-to-use chemical application system for Cargo Holds on small/medium bulk carriers. The Stromme Midi Spray System is powered by an air driven diaphragm pump, mounted on a stand, perfect for applying our Stromme Hold Coat or Stromme Aquaclean HD.
Maximum reach for applying chemicals is up to 12 m.

Delivery includes:

  • Pneumatic double diaphragm pump, ½”
  • Repair kit for pump
  • Telescopic chemical lance 2,4 – 7,2 m incl. nozzles
  • Air hose, 50 m
  • Suction hose, 5 m
  • Chemical discharge hose, 40 m
  • Delivered in a wooden box

Note: Included pump, hoses and couplings are all chemical resistant

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