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Stromme Maxi-Jet

Stromme Maxi-Jet is the original, unique, super efficient and most powerful cargo hold wash-down system on the market, developed with more than 40 years of experience in cargo hold cleaning.

With the combination of compressed air, water flow and pressure you will be able to reduce the time needed for cargo hold cleaning remarkably.

Stromme Maxi-Jet is recommended for vessels from Panamax upwards, with sufficient air supply of min. 5m³/min at 7 bar. The range is 35-60 m depending on the air pressure supply.

Delivery includes:

  • Maxi-Jet, Y-piece with couplings and pressure gauge
  • Hatch protection
  • Waterhoses with one open end, 15 m
  • Waterhoses with couplings, 30 m
  • Airhose PVC, 50 m

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