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When loading sulphur we recommend the crew to use Stromme Holdcoat FC before loading to protect the cargo holds, dilution ratio with fresh water 1:3 on the cargo hold walls and 1:1 on the tank top.

For long voyages or if the Sulphur is exposed to humidity/water we recommend to apply lime coating on the tank top.

Before applying Stromme HoldcoatFC, make sure the cargo holds are as clean and  dry as possible.

Apply the Stromme Holdcoat FC from down to up to get a better wetting effect using the Stromme Midi Spray System or the Stromme Pump Spray Foam System.

When using the Stromme Pump Spray System apply the chemical with the stainless-steel lance and apply as accurate as possible to achieve a uniformed layer. Upon application, the Stromme Holdcoat FC appears white in color, it will dry after 2 to 6 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity.

When dried, the color will change from white to transparent and the coating film becomes waxy viscose. If Stromme Color White FC is added to the Stromme Holdcoat FC it will remain white even after drying. The Stromme Holdcoat FC will never feel completely dry when touching it.

For cleaning after the sulphur cargo and to remove the Stromme Holdcoat FC we recommend to use Stromme Aquaclan HD, dilution ratio with fresh water 1:3.

For further guidance don’t hesitate to contact us.

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