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Yard supply

  • We are offering a several new building kits for several types of vessels delivered at the shipyard
  • Depending of the specifications, we will recommend the required equipment
  • Stromme Mari-Clean is multi purpose high pressure cleaners and powerful supplementary air-compressors will give the maximum cleaning efficiency.

Stromme Mari-Clean is our professional range of multipurpose high pressure cleaners, providing a cost effective and labor efficient solution for various cleaning purposes.
DNA: Designed and built as simple as possible, with only high quality components for a rough life at sea.
We provide several stationary units and can tailor make all kind of requirements with cold and hot water for one or several users.

– Cargo hold cleaning package;

  • Stromme Mari-Clean MC351/25
  • Stromme Mari-Clean Hot Box
  • Stromme Mari-Clean Power Lance
  • Stromme Mari-Clean Pump Spray Foam
  • Stromme Mari-Clean Submersible Pump
  • Stromme Combi-Jet
  • Stromme HP500 PPE

– High pressure cleaning package for general maintenance;

  • Stromme Mari-Clean MC501/18
  • Stromme Mari-Clean Hotbox
  • Stromme Mari-Clean Sandblasting Kit
  • Stromme HP500 PPE

-Example of yard supplies;

  • Anders Wilhelmsen
  • Fednav
  • RCCL

    Please, send us an email and we will contact you as soon as possible.