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Stromme Mari-Clean Hotbox

The Stromme Portable Hotbox is a compact and efficient way to clean with hot water. Perfect to use in cold weather and to clean oily and creasy surfaces. It is fitted with flexible hoses and quick connectors to hook-up with the high pressure cleaner instantly to supply pressurized hot water for high-pressure cleaning tasks.

The Stromme Portable Hotbox can heat the water up to max temperature of 100°C / 212°F.

The Stromme Portable Hotbox is equipped with large wheels and is easy to operate and maintain.

Working pressure 500 bar
Capacity 11 to 21 l/min
Voltage 220V / 1 Phase
Diesel tank capacity 30 l
Heating Power 88 kW

Delivered complete with:

  • 10 m electric cable

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