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Stromme Mari-Clean Power Lance

The Stromme Power Lance Kit combined with the mobility of the Stromme Tripod is designed for high pressure cleaning reaching up to the high areas and upper parts conveniently saving time and labor.

The extendable telescopic lance can reach a working height from 1,5 to 12, 5 m with a maximum working pressure of 500 bar without losing water pressure.

It is easy to mount and to use and can be operated by one single person.

Delivered complete with:

  • Power Lance 2,5 to 12, 5 m maximum
  • 500 bar spray gun
  • Stromme Tripod
  • Lance holder adaptor
  • Power Lance bracket
  • Lance holder adaptor for Strome Combi-Jet, Stromme Acid Lance and Stromme Mini-Jet

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