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Stromme Mari-Clean MC501/30

The Stromme Mari-Clean MC501/30 is only available upon request.

The Stromme Mari-Clean MC 501-30 is a powerful, simple built high pressure cleaner and with his high volume a perfect and cost saving alternative for Ultra-High Pressure cleaners above 700 bars.

A stainless steel buffering tank with level control protects the unit against dry running.

Working pressure 500 bar
Capacity 30 l/min at 60 Hz
25 l/min at 50 Hz
Power supply 3 x 440V/60 Hz
3 x 400V/50 Hz

Delivery includes:

  • 10 m electric cable
  • 10 m hose
  • Spray gun, heavy duty
  • Single lance fitted with nozzle holder

    Please, send us an email and we will contact you as soon as possible.